Midnight in Everwood – M A Kuzniar

The cover for this book really drew me in. A ballerina dancing in the snow with the phrase..

In the darkness of night, magic awaits…

I was sold.

The book is described as a retelling of the nutcracker but to be honest I couldnt tell you the story. I dont know if that made me love this book more.

Mariettas family want her to forget her dreams of dancing and get married. She wants to be a ballerina, so when a stranger comes to town and makes his intentions clear Marietta makes her feelings clear, she reminds me of Austins Elizabeth Bennett in the early part of the story.

Marietta finds herself transported to a new world. One thats full of magic and wonder but also confusion and danger. The Sugar Palace seems like a dream come true, she can dance to her hearts content, but is that what she really wants? Marietta learns that things arent always as simple as she thinks but find some other girls who like her feel trapped in a palace.

With help from various people Marietta tries to find her way back to the world she came from, although theres the question on how she got to Everwood in the first place, where the magic comes from and will her suitor be waiting for her to return?

I loved this book, it was a little whimiscal, it was fun but had enough tension to keep you turning the pages.

Midnight in Everwood is due out today so go and indulge in a magical story to lose yourself in.

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