Empire of the Vampire – Jay Kristoff

I really wish I hadnt talked myself into not buying a special editon of Empire of the Vampire. seeing all of the amazing copies on social media has made me green with envy. I did however treat myself to the standard hardback version. I often stick to my Kindle because its easier for when Im out and about and I’ll admit the size and weight of this book did make me question why I hadnt done that on regular occasions. I wasnt leaving it at home though. I just needed to know the story.

We learn the story of a Silversaint named de Leon, one who was charged with protecting the kingdom from the Vampires and the last of his kind. Now imprisoned and made to tell his tale de Leon takes us through his experiences, feelings, victories and losses. Its a tale that is engaging and engrossing.

This is a brilliant piece of gothic fiction thats a must for any fantasy reader. To follow the search for the Holy Grail to save humanity, to understand the bloodlust and to see how easy you can be betrayed by those you trust, respect and honour leaves you wanting more and more.

EOTV is out now and well worth a read, its clearly the start of a fantastic new fantasy series that will keep you reading late into the night.

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