Femlandia – Christina Dalcher

I liked Vox, I joined the queue for Q, and I couldn’t wait to get reading Femlandia.

This book is a great deconstruction of society wrapped up in that wonderful dystopian what if  storyline.

Imagine the world as you know if is falling apart, theres no point going to work if you even still have a job, items that are considered essentials are so expensive you likely cant afford them – if theres even any left and just to make it a little worse your hubby recently committed suicide after wiping clean what money you did have.

Luckily Femlandia still exists. There are various ways to describe Femlandia, a cult, a group of like minded women, trapped individuals, Disneyland for women or just a group of women who went in search of a better life.

For Miranda and her teenage daughter Emma there is nowhere else to turn, they learn things about themselves, each other and their pasts whilst interlacing with Mirandas mums narrative, the woman who created Femlandia. Miranda has never been convinced her mums way is the right way, she’s more about the normal lifestyle: partner, kids, house car and job. Men can be jerks but that’s okay because that’s just life and they re not all like that.

Femlandia has some dark secrets that concern Miranda from the moment the lay eyes on the compound. The walls keeping people out, or in. The way they refer to each other, but she cant deny that most people seem happy enough and they are definitely better off than those in the outside world right now.

This book is really interesting because it touches on so many different uncomfortable topics, but they just support the story. Im still trying to decide how I feel about the epilogue though – it rounds off the story perfectly and feels like the natural conclusion; its just not the one I wanted.

The characters in the book really develop as you get deeper into the plot, you get to know them and I found myself siding with Miranda a lot, but could completely get on board with all of the others who had opposing actions or POVs. It’s a great book and you should really go and preorder it now!

Femlandia is out in October 2021.

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