The Bone Code – Kathy Reichs

Usually I download a Kathy Reichs book on the day it releases. For some reason which I cant quite work out Im late to the party on the Bone Code. It came out months ago but it wasnt until I saw Kathy Reichs at this years Bloody Scotland Book Fest that I realised I had missed out.

We jump right back in with Tempe, travelling between Canada and the USA in a post covid world. Bones have washed up in a container that sounds familiar to an old cold case. Lt Ryan is still on the scene (thankfully!) and her pet cat Birdie has his rightful place in the story.

There was a couple of things that frustrated me. With all the stuff Tempe has been through sometimes it like she doesnt learn. Small things that we all know will be cause drama in the following pages could so easily have been prevented.

As always I enjoyed the learning journey that we go on. The details on how vaccines, DNA and gene mapping works was interesting. The book touches on some links to Covid and other highly topical bits, and its a great deterrent from letting the dogs licking you face or getting a flu jab.

Tempe travels back and forth, pushes the boundaries and makes new connections – nothing less than we’d expect, I throughly enjoyed the book but, it felt it wasnt quite as gripping as usual. The danger that follows Tempe was all her own doing, and felt like an after thought. I’m glad I read it to follow the story but it feels like a filler book rather than a main episode!

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