Never Saw Me Coming – Vera Kurian

Never Saw Me Coming by Vera Kurian

This book is Brilliant. It wasnt what i expected in any way and I finished it wanting, and needing more.

Just imagine having a group of physcopaths all in one place. Yes there they to get an education but also to learn how to be normal, and control their ‘crazy’.

Chloe as the main character is great, because she’s so clinical its hard to feel anything for her but I still found myself wanting her to get her version of a happy ending. Shes clever, calculating and rarely impulsive. She shouldnt be likeable but is. The backstory and her obsession with Will is a strong storyline. It almost helps justify everything she does.

Charles is a little different, I want to empathise with him for trying to do the right thing but I just cant. Its clear he can tell right from wrong, he just doenst really care.

Along with a handful of others this book follows the investigation into several student murders. Are these students to blame, is one of them taking out the others?

Its a hard one to work, they all lie, really well. Most of the people you could fully accept were the killer. What if theres more than one killer?

It feels weird to be so engaged in a group of characters that are so unemotive, and i honeslty didnt feel anything for them, I felt no emotion at all whilst reading it. But I would reccomend it 100%.

This is a must buy for anyone who loves some calculated drama! Its out on Sept 9th.

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