Rock Paper Scissors – Alice Feeney


Something about the cover of Rock Paper Scissors got my attention on,ine. I cant wait to see the paperback version on the shelf.

So, we follow the journey of a couple who are having problems in their marriage.  Amelia works in a rescue home looking after sick animals, it doesn’t pay well but that’s okay because Adam makes a lot of money. Hes quite lucky really becasue a big author used him to write his movies scripts. It almost a little inconcievable that he not only got to do this once, but quite a few times, for his favoutite author no less. Its just a shame that Adams own screenplay hasnt really gotten anywhere.

Amelia wins a weekend away in the Scottish Highlands but when they get there is not quite what they expected. We know they are keeping secrets from each other, but just not how big they really are. Alongside the main story is a series of letters from wife to husband that never get sent. Talking about the marriage, giving clues and insight into what is happening in the background.

There are some bits that I feel I was deliberately led in the wrong direction, especially by Amelia, but Im okay with that. The letters give some context that feels out of place until all of a sudden it doesn’t. It’s the same with the wild woman who lives on the edge of the property, snooping. Shes so pivotal but in a way I could never have imagined.

Due to the lying and treachery we don’t really get to know the couple very well. There are things that are creepy, and it feels hard to pick a side. For me the biggest clue comes from the dog. Dogs are great, they know who to trust when given the option and will always be loyal. Looking back I missed this!

I was lucky enough to get this book as an ARC from the publisher before I was welcomed onto the blog tour. I cant wait to see what the others think about this story, for me it’s a 5 star thriller that you just cant stop reading. And apparently netflix have already decided to make it into a series. Yay!

Rocky Paper Scissors is sure to be one of the hottest books of the summer so go and get your copy now!

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