Autopsy is the 25th Kay Scarpetta novel. I think that’s just amazing. This series was one of two that transitioned me from what used to be considered YA (sweet Valley University anyone?) and adult fiction, all thanks to my grandma who if I’m honest I think was running out of things to give me to read one holiday.

I feel I learn alot through Cornwells books. About the medical examiner process, the human body and just life in general. Personally I think books like this would have been way more appealing to teenage me for English class rather than Of Mice and Men and The Mayor of Casterbridge.

Such a simple cover but it really catches your eye!

So, we re back with Scarpetta, in a world that’s opening up post covid. I thought I’d missed something or had memory loss with Janet and Desi not being around but all is quickly explained. Not a storyline I like btw! We re back in Virginia, everyone is together in one place but with Scarpetta now back in charge some people don’t seem to be adapting to the change.

Theres alot going on – different cases floating around which may or may not be connected and someone might also be trying to poison our chief. It feels like everyones a little out of position and not got their usual swagger making this an interesting read – it feels less like a seasoned professional more like a rookie starting out which is a little refreshing. The more Scarpetta digs the more she finds wasnt handled too well by her predesessor and sadly it doesnt suprise her.

I ve always been a fan of Lucy, shes has so many trials over the books that I just want her to have a happy ending but it feels liek thats so far away, with Marino Im still on the fence after some of his historic behaviour – although thats all been forgotten by this group of characters it seems.

Overall I really enjoyed the book. It felt comforting to step back into Scarpettas world no matter the outcome. I must remember thought to not read her books on an empty stomach because they always make me crave homecooked Italian!

Autopsy is due out on 25th Nov so perfect to snuggle up with in the dark with the heat of a fire.

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