The night she disappeared – Lisa Jewell

When a best selling author moves with her boyfriend to a cottage in the countryside she could never have imagined becoming the main characther in her own book..

Lula is a teenage mum, who is stuck with a controlling narcassitic teenage dad but wants a better life for her and her son. She wants to be free and happy. When she meets Scarlett she realises that life can be different but she has to act.

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Sophies Sign

Scarlett is the popular girl that everyone wants to be around, but shes not your normal tween princess, shes grungy and edgy making her intreguing but at the same time her wildness might be everyones problem.

Lula and her boyfrind go missing after a night out at the pub, nowhere to be found – apparently they got a taxi but theres no record of it. They ve just disappeared. Lulas mum starts to follow Lulas footsteps from that night, tracking people down, asking questions but it isnt until Sophie turns up that they get some valueble clues.

The storyline follows Sophie, the author, in discovering where shes moved to and getting involved in some ametuer sleuthing whilst teasing us with a wandering eye; We also go back to the weeks leading up to that night in 2017 when Lula and her boyfiend vanished. We learn about their lives and what they have going on showing how dangerous secrets can really be. If only Lula had confided more in her mum – the world is often full of if onlies. Sophies imagination as an author is great, her narrative leads you donw the comman path you would take as a reader. Its like shes giving you all of the clues as she goes – but not spoling the story. It takes her a while to join some of the dots though.

Lulas mum, Kim, has a narrative in the past and present. She has become the carer for Lulas son Noah but unlike Noahs Dads parent she is worried from the outset that the kids didnt come home. Shes chasing the leads and pushng the police to investigate more. Her life has been turned upside down and its almost a little suprising how well shes managing, expecially when everyone else doesnt seem to care.

Whilst this book is about Lula and Scarlett I think its really about Kim. How she copes; how she reactes and then the impact on her life. This book has some interesting family dynamics mixed with teenage angst and a great example of how good relationships can turn sour.

The Night She Dissapeared is due out on 22 July making it s brilliant choice for a summer read.

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