The Couple at No 9 – Claire Douglas

Doesnt everyones dream house come with some bodies buried?

When I saw that I had an invitiation from the lovely people at Michael Joseph to read Claire Douglas’ new book I immediatly made sure my kindle was fully charged. The Couple at No 9 didnt even show on Goodreads as an upcoming book it was that fresh.

Saffy and Tom are lucky, they ve been given a house in a tiny village by Saffys mum. It was something many years before her Grandmother Rose had put in her mums name and they ve only just found out. The house is a little dated, but Tom and Saffy are going to modernise it, which is when the workmen discover the bodies in the back garden.

Their world is immediatly thrown into chaos being asked to move out while the police do their work and then finding out that the bodies date back to when Rose lived in the house.

We learn about Roses past with Daphne the lodger, Lolly and Saffy. Theres a second storyline running with a second couple who are trying to concieve which feels a little out of place until the story comes together.

I can honestly say I think I was just ahead of the characters in working out the twists. I like when that happens because it suggests that the storyline is logical and ‘realistic’ in a fictional sense. There are alot of little moments that make up this book. Its got some dark parts looking at murder, spousal abuse, and general abuse of power but with some of the book being set in the 70/80s it makes me feel glad that times have changed.

I devoured this book, theres no other way to describe it. I was so glad the hubby was out so I had no destractions. This definetly needs to be on everyones list to read this summer.

The Couple at No 9 is due out on 19th August.

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