Tsarina’s Daughter – Ellen Alpsten

When they took everything from her, they didn’t count on her fighting to get it back…

How beautiful is the cover for this book. It was what drew me to the book. Although having added it to my reading list on goodreads they have a different picture which is more of a classic modern YA cover. A while back I read a YA book called the Romanovs and absolutly loved it. It intregues me how the family lived and died. So, when I then saw that the description that started with “Born into the House of Romanov” I knew I was going to want to read this.

In your end lies your beginning. No man shall disappoint you as a woman will. An Angel will speak to you. The lightest load will be your greatest burden.

Prophecy of the Golosov Ravine

If im honest the book is a little slow because of the detail and world building making it something you have to be interested in and wanting to read rather than an ‘easy read’. That said I guess thats how alot of historical fiction books are written to make sure you are transported to that place and time.

I really did get into the story while I was reading it but found I needed to read it in big chunks rather than little bits here and there. The desire of the Romonovs to be in control, be more like the West but also be accepting of some failure was good. I think because all we are hearing at the moment is around female empowerment the inital focus on the need to marry well for posterity was a little jarring to read – but it was in keeping with the time of the story so Im not complaining about it, it just felt unusual I guess.

The story follows the change that happens and pushes female empowerment but there are key parts of the story that remind us that the women have this power because a man desperate to make sure his family remained in control allowed it.

If you like historical fiction or Romanov inspired stories then i suspect this is someting you’ll definetly want to be adding to your TBR pile.

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