The Last Girl – Goldy Moldavsky

Oh Rachel!

After a home break in Rachels mum moves them to a new house and school, Manchester Prep which is full of rich kids. In my head I almost ahd the cast of gossip girl playing this out but really I can only describe it as a dark, twisted version of Cruel Intentions – an we all know the film wasnt all bunnies and kittens.

At the new school Rachel finds a group of kids that are just what she thinks she needs, an unusual group but it works. They all like horror films. They talk about them, watch them, quote them and even have fun trying to scare people just like in the movies.

Somthing isnt quite right thought. Rachel keeps seeing the man from her home invasion, but thats just not possible. Luckily shes got her new friends to take her mind of things, and a boy she likes.

There were things I fully expected to heppen that didnt which I love. I think thats becasue they re what would usually happen in a story. I thought I knew what was going on, had it all worked out. Nope, wrong again. I do feel like theres a mini cliff hanger at the end that just makes me want to DM the author to ask what happened next.

We get led on a rollercoaster of teenage fear, lust and drama. School cliques, parties and late night rendevouzs are all included as we follow Rachel down her rabbit hole. This book is great, twisty and hits some amazing twists and turns.

theres some great character information on if anyones interested, The book is also known as the Mary Shelly Club so for anyone that knows there horror history it might give you a hint of whats to come!

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