Hostage – Clare Mackintosh

When I received Clares newsletter last in 2020 I knew that I needed to find a way to read her new book Hostage as soon as possible. All I knew was the title then shortly after I joined a facebook group that is set up to promote the book, but has become so much more. We ve had jokes, lost pets and some interesting diversions. Not what I expected but every time I spend ten minutes catching up I cant help but smile.

Hostage is the story of an air hostess, Mina who is on the inaugral flight from Gatwick to Sydney non stop. Shes swapped to do the flight so he can ahve some time away but it turns out that it wasnt the best idea. Along with Adam she has an adopted daughter who is incredibly intelligent which is both a blessing and a curse. Adams hiding something and Mina just doesnt trust him anymore.

Whilst on the flight Minas family are threatened and she has to amke a choice to either help the hostage takers or refuse putting her daughter in danger. This book primarily is the story of this flight. It covers how people feel, think and act and continually alludes to how Mina became an air hostess. There were points that I just couldnt read quick enough, when I was suprisingly emotional and I often wondered why I didnt hate Adams character as much as I felt I should have done.

I spent most of the book thinking how glad I was that I wasnt reading whilst on a plane, and even wondered about it being brought in the airport bookshops before I realised now is the perfect time for a book about air travel drama thanks to covid. It did amuse me that the authors note at the end reminds people that this si a work of ficton and air travel si perfectly safe.

My favourite part of the book was probably the last chapter with Sophia. That little girl is amazing! if for no other eason then to follow her journey please make sure this is a book you read this year.

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