The Summer Seekers – Sarah Morgan

When my boss knocked on the door the other night I thought she was going to ask me to do a few more hours this weekend, instead she was holding The Summer Seekers by Sarah Morgan telling me that it was to keep me company at work on Saturday, How great is my boss??!

Id see this book everywhere, HQ publishing have done a great job in marketing it and it was already on my TBR list, unfortunatly the book didnt make it til saturday becasue I couldnt wait to start, and now with just 12 hours before my shift I ve finished the book.

This story is brilliant, it reminds us not only to cherish those around us and remember we all chose to live life a little differently, but also to be true to yourself. And most importantly you are never to old for adventure.

Kathleen encounters a stranger in her kitchen in the dark of the night and takes him on. This doesnt sit well with her daughter Liza who is continually worrying that her mum needs help and maybe needs to think about selling up. As a reader you are instantly drawn to Kathleen, shes a force to be reckoned with and now wants to travel accross the states, just because she can.

Liza is a little dull to start with, this is partially due to her personality I think but as you get to know her more you really want to work out for her.

Martha is a bit of an odd one. Her character is pivotal to the story but at the start it doesnt feel like like shes going to be as important as she is, just out of a relationship and stuck at home Martha needs a job. When she sees the advert it doesnt really seem like its made for her, but it feels perfect.

Martha is brilliant, shes caring, funny and the perfect travel companion for the most part. I kinda hope that theres a second book about her. The whole adverture is great for both of them to grow and learn about themselves and each other.

About halfway through the book we start to spend alot more time with Liza and i think this was my favourite part of the book – she needs to make a change in her life because she feels shes just a housemaid/chauffeur/handyman to her family, she wasnt to be appriciated. Her story is the best out of the three ( although id definetly choose to be Martha given the choice!)

This is a great summer read, one that’ll have you planning your own adventure and hoping we done go back into lockdown! Better yet, right now its only 99p on Amazon for Kindle!

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