The Therapist – Helene Flood

At first it’s the lie that hurts.

A voicemail from her husband tells Sara he’s arrived at the holiday cabin. Then a call from his friend confirms he never did.

She tries to carry on as normal, teasing out her clients’ deepest fears, but as the hours stretch out, her own begin to surface. And when the police finally take an interest, they want to know why Sara deleted that voicemail.

To get to the root of Sigurd’s disappearance, Sara must question everything she knows about her relationship.

Could the truth about what happened be inside her head?

Although I ve already read a book called the therapist in the past six months this appealed to me in a different way. The ‘blurb’ above makes it sound so intriguing. I feel its a little misleading.

The story is translated from the Norweigian version and I wonder if in the translation something got lost. So many of the Nordic thrillers are engrossing, The Girl with the Dragon tattoo and the 100 year old man are some great examples. This is a very one dimenional story about a woman whose husband disappears. She hears his voicemail saying he arrived safely at is destination but never really did.

Sara doesnt trust her memory and starts questioning everything she knows, where things were and how things usually are. As a therapist she know show to manage her mental challeneges but this seems to make things worse – and at no point did she think to write anything down.

For me this book is incredibly frustrating, it didnt really have chapters, the timeline is very short and nothing signficant really happens, Sara is annoyingly feeble despite what her backstory suggests and overall I think its missing the spark that was possible in the original version.

I know I rarely write a negative review – we all see, read and imagine things differently but I just cant see a positive spin in this one.

If, depsite what I ve said you still want to give it a go then the book is out on the 8th July – Id be interested to know what you think!

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