The Invitation – A M Castle

Do you ever find that some locations just make you think of specific authors, for Scotland it will always be Chris Brookmyre, For Cornwall Enid Blyton and Daphne Du Maurier and for Virgina it will always be Patricia Cornwells Scarpetta.

The Invitiation is set on a little island off the coast of Cornwall, The picture and the descption of the island make me think of St Michaels Mount but this is Tregowan Castle instead, fictional I guess but thats the scene it set for me. A group of friends gather on the island – invited by Rachel who is the lady of the castle thanks to her recent marriage. Four friends and their families making thirteen, lucky number for some but not on halloween.

Theres alot of characters and everyone has something going on. Theres secrets and stories that they dont want to share and thanks to the storm they re trapped on the island. First one of the children goes missing – was she playing hide and seek or did she really get lost? we all know young children like the attention after all….

This is a good whodunnit book, almost like a version of cluedo – I always thought it was Prof plum in the library with the candlestick. Its easy to keep track of whos who and where.

When you mix up the storm, lack of commmunication options, no way off the island then one of them dying you have to woner how many will make it back to the mainland – if any.

The Invitation is a good page turner that will keep you reading to find out who did what and when.

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