A Court of Silver Flames (ACOTAR 4) – Sarah J Maas

As we start the book Nesta is broken and drowning her sorrows. She is still unhappy with beign immortal and is blaming everyone and the cauldron for her anguish. Cassian, along with Feyre just want to help her so she is sent to the house of wind to live and train. Nesta meets new people and ends up showing the strength she has underneath.

One of the main things thats highlighted in the book, and alot on social media is that Gwyn was rescused by Azriel after she was Raped. Theres a big conversation around whether she will be able to love again, and how she and the other preistesses react around men. Theres alot of focus on this and its a big and important talking point but as has been rightly pointed out that Rhys also experienced similar if not potentially worse (under the mountain) but the attitude to him is different. The writing abotu him is different. Whether you agree with this style fo writing about the issues its quite a true reflection on todasys society. its always focused on the women fogetting the same can happen to men.

Back to the story – It continues on from where the original trilogy left off, theres obviously some easter eggs abotu not just this series but the others in the Mass universe ( red star being Aelin anyone?), theres lerarning, growth and some bits that were there to ame the story work and in the moment I loved but looking back it feels a little forced to make it fit ( without spoiling it the Feyre plot to me felt like there were some obvious things that should have been different) and I woudl like to tak to the editor about the decsion to remove some of the scenes and then understand why despite having a tour edition book I didnt get these, even by following a link to an electronic version. it feels a little unfair.

I guess in short I loved the book, as with any SJM book ots not short but could definetly ahve been longer, I feel cheated about the bonus scenes but Im keen to find out who the next book is about – and I wish I had friend who would understand my world book day costume if i went as Nesta and the silver mask!

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