The Therapist – B A Paris

Honestly, I read the tagline “Make an appointment with ….The Therapist” and I was already requesting an advance copy of this book. I mean, its B A Paris, so obviously!

I had imagined the story taking place in a therapists office. Boy was I wrong.

Instead we have a twisted love story ( which is so much better than what I thought this would be). Just imagine an exclusive secure street in London. Sounds perfect right? This is where Alice and Leo move to. The house is suprisingly affordable and as a new couple it seems like a good option becasue Alice can still keep her cottage. Just incase.

Alice and Leo havent really spent much time togtether between working and commutes and hoepfully thsi will be a new start – but Leo doesnt seem keen to meet the neighbours and is still spending 4 days a week away. Alcie makes an effort to get to know people and hosts a house party when someone turns up and she finds out that the house was cheap because someone was murdered in her bedroom.

Strange things happen, Alice feels watched in the night and all of a sudden is suspicious of everyone. We go one a journey of exploring the history of ALcies neighbours and her boyfriend. Who can be trusted and who cant. Is someone really watching her? is she gong craxy?

This is a typical B A Paris book. Twisty, Turny, full of suspense and the sort of book you want to read in one go. It also made me really glad that I didnt live on my own and that the things that go bump in the night are all in my imaginaton and wont get me!

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1 thought on “The Therapist – B A Paris

  1. This looks like such a good read! Thanks for sharing!


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