Rage & Ruin – Jennifer L Armentrout

The next book filled with gargoyles and other mystical creatures s back. And more importantly Trinity and Zayne.

We dive straight back into the story with Trinity staying with Zayne, bonded to him as he’s her protector.  They re still hanging out with Demons including Roth and Layla, keeping secrets and fighting their attraction to one another. And we all know there’s nothing more attached than being told you cant have the boy you want!s-l1000

They are searching for the Harbinger, who is causing chaos, mayhem and death, but with Trinitys sight causing her problems its not as easy as it could be.

One of my favourite parts of this book is when theres a reference to Lucifer, and the little engine that could.  My mind conjured an image of Tom Ellis’ face ( who plays Lucifer in the tv series) as the face at the front of Thomas the Tank engine.  One I’d got that image it just wouldnt leave!!

I joined one of the web interviews with Jen where she mentioned that the last chapter in this book didnt exist but, she realised that she just couldnt do that to her readers. ( And because when in the past shes left us like that we ve been vocal about how unhappy we were!). Id completely forgotten she said this until I finished the book. Personally Im glad the last chapter is there, but I can see how it would have been an amazing way to leave the book without it.


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