Wild – Cheryl Strayed

Wild has been on my TBR list for a long time. Years.  Before it was pretty much every book clubs must read book. Id added it when I went through my autobiography phase but I didnt ever get round to buying it. Then, I found out the film adaptation was one of the Hubbys favourite films and resolved to read the book first. Just to see the difference.

OIPSeveral weeks ago I found the audiobook on Borrowbox. It seemed the perfect thing to listen to while walking the dogs. The poor pups have had to walk further just so I could keep listening!

For anyone that hasnt heard of the book, Wild is the memoir of Cheryl’s journey along the Pacific Crest Trail. Alone with just her backpack, named Monster, for company.

She carried out the trip in the 90’s without any technology aids. No phone, radio or even website forums to help her prepared fully for the journey. Just the guide book and advice from her local outdoorsy shop assistants. The trail had only been officially open for a few years and what she accomplished is amazing, and motivating. Although it was over 20 years ago, the story is still completely relatable today. It did make me wonder how it compares to people making the trip today – Cheryl received alot of support and assistance from strangers and although she was aware of the risks she had to hope they were all friendly and meant her no harm. It feels like the world we live in today would be a different experience. I think people are more cautious about helping others and a little less generous too. OIP (2)

As we follow Cheryl along the trail we learn about her past, and the events that have led her to this hike.  Sometimes its emotional, sometimes I felt fear for her and sometimes I just wanted to give her a hug.  Her story is amazing.

Throughout her hike Cheryl has an assortment of books to keep her company. It began to feel like I should be making a reading list for when I finished the book.  I am already looking for a second hand copy of ‘The Dream of a Common Language’!!

Sometimes I find with an audio book I get distracted with other things going on around me, I didn’t have that problem with Wild.  I did wonder if I was missing any photos in the book, I think thats the only thing that would have made it better, something to show me what I imagine to be the most incredible scenery she experienced.

Tonights movie is obviously going to be the film adaptation with Reese Witherspoon.

OIP (1)

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