Dead to Her – Sarah Pinborough

A book about how the rich live, lie, deceive and thrive. The premise of the book is how old money treats ‘outsiders’. And this book feels a little more on trend as one of those outsiders is a young black girl entering a rich white ‘old’ community.

I was not expecting the story that we got. Yes there’s mystery, murder and imminent scandal  but there’s also so much more. Kesha has married up. We quickly learn she didn’t have the best childhood and Billy has made himself her white knight, only she cant leave all of her past behind.cover172127-medium

Marcie is concerned that her husband, known for his wandering hands is interested in Kesha. Shes stunning, who wouldn’t be interested in her after all. These two ladies are the main characters and the supporting characters do a really good job of looking guilty and innocent. When you mix in some Southern ways, Voodoo and feeling like you could lose everything in a heartbeat this book becomes really compelling. It wasn’t what I expected in all of the right ways – and the ending really wasn’t what I expected!

As usual I had a suspect in mind, and was wrong repeatedly! I guess its a case of you cant always see whats right in front of your face and when theres so much deception floating around its easy to get waylaid. I had some suspicions about Kesha that were on the mark though so I feel that I at least worked some of it out!

This was a rare occasion the hubby didnt ask me what I was reading, Im kind of disappointed because Id got this one ready to go:

Black girl who marries a rich old man, hoping he’ll die and she can escape her crazy family and keep the money but her new bestie is jealous of her and really only out for herself. 

This book was released at the start of June so get reading!!!!

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