Playing Nice – J P Delaney

Before I launch in to telling you about the new book from J.P Delaney (author of the girl before) I need to warn you that this review is typed entirely via the dictate option as I’m currently sat here with a bandaged index finger aka my main typing finger. Apologies for any grammatical or typing errors I don’t pick up or all translated incorrectly! On the positive side as I need to keep my finger elevated the perfect activity is reading – it’s not all bad!!

When Pete Riley has a stranger turn up on his doorstep that looks similar to his son his whole world changes. Instantly you assume stop your partner is the one in the wrong but what if someone else is to blame entirely?

Pete finds out his son was switched at birth whilst in the intensive care unit with another baby.

How do you deal with this scenario ?

Do you switch back?49078674

Do you stay the same?

Which son is really yours; the one that you’ve brought up for the last two years or the one that you created?

This story is really interesting. The Lambert’s are looking for someone to blame and financial compensation Petes partner Maddie never felt connected to their son- is this the reason why? And, would swapping back make her feel more like a mother?

I really like the characters in this book they are complex, interesting, and although often hidden very self absorbed. The narcissistic traits of miles automatically make you not want to trust him but sometimes the truth isn’t so obvious. Ironically, I started reading this book whilst I was sitting in my local a A&E after I’d crushed my finger, I needed something to distract myself from the pain add and where I was. Although this book starts off being based in medical facilities I was completely engrossed I’m not really aware of what was going on around me. That to me is the sign that this book is compelling and easy to get into. Often the hardest part of a new book are the first couple of chapters – this draws you in and keeps you guessing right until the end.


playing nice is due out on July 28th.

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