The Babysitter – Pheobe Morgan

When Caroline is found dead, draped over a cot its a mystery to everyone. ts ot just about who killer her, but also where is the baby?

Caro’ was babysitting for a friend, something she’d only done once before. Was she capable? Why her? Was she targeted for the baby? was the baby an innocent bystander? is there more too it?

Siobhan is with her family at her sisters house in France. Her husbands a big deal, in his career and because hes also good looking which enables him to also be a love rat. Their marriage isn’t going well, and hes been cheating. Again. She doesn’t want her daughter or sister to find out about that thought. So when he’s arrested for Caroline’s murder she has to keep the family together. The question here is when you are in the public eye what do you do? Stand by a man who has publicly been arrested for the murder of a woman who rumoured to be his mistress? Does she admit what she knew.

Did he kill Caroline? Did Siobhan? what secrets are people hiding? There are so many questions that float around. (I’ll admit, I was almost right in the outcover183145-mediumcome of this. But almost isn’t good enough!) There’s an interesting secondary story-line about Siobhans relationship with her daughter which highlights not just how closed teenagers can be, but also how much you can hide before someone works out you’re not being wholly truthful.

The characters are easy to follow and track, which is great in this sort of book, the feel quickly familiar making the focus the story and not who they really are. Family is really important in this. Siobhans sister is around to help out. Alot. Although shes more successful in her career shes single and can drop everything to help her sister through this tough time.

This book quickly goes from a I’ll try it because I liked her last book to compulsive reading in the first few chapters.

The book was released yesterday – so what are you waiting for, start reading!


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