The Donor – Clare Mackintosh

The Quick Reads books are a great thing. perfect for when you have a couple of hours to relax and unwind with an easy read, and woth the bargain price of £1 how can you resist!

The Donor by Cla


re Mackintosh is the story of a girl who is given a much needed transplant. Her mum is so grateful for the new lease of life she wants to thank the donors family only

to be told thats not a good idea – or reccomended as it can become complicated. 

Soon after a letter arrives from the donors family and thye begin to spend time together.

Whilst the story is obviously spelling disaster its hard to see where its coming from. Lizzie and Karen almost feel like competitors for Megans love and attention, and its hard to see who is making the right choices.

The ending to the book feels like it has set up for a longer novel – Fingers crossed it has.

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