Q – Christina Dalcher

When HQ Stories offered to send me a copy of Q as an ARC I obviously said yes. Her last book VOX was a massive hit so this seemed likely to be a sure fire winner.  Although Confession time – I brought VOX over a year ago and its sat on my TBR pile still. I dont know why!

Yesterday afternoon I picked up Q.  The promo for the book is #onlythe perfect, whihc is fitting considering the book is about a couple of teenagers who didnt like that they werent the most popular, pretty or part of the in crowd.  This is a geeks will inherit and run the world story.

We are thrust into a world where your life is based on scores, your IQ score, attendance is scored and if you step out of line you family will suffer the consequenses. Elena is lucky.  Shes one of the elite, high scores, good top and her husband is in a powerful position at work. What could go wrong?

The answer is obvious really – Everything.  The expectation to ahve two perfect daughters, always be at work on time, never miss a beat. Its not realistic.  Fighting the system is harder.

This is an interesting view on how society treats people who are different, be it their background, percieved intelligence or sexual orientation. There are links to history and the ethos instilled in the Hitler regime.  This is a reminder that just because someone is different, or has a different type of knowledge it doesnt make them any less.

I read this book in an afternoon because I was so engrossed in it – and its just a little better becasue the ending it completely not what I expected.

Q is out in April.




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1 thought on “Q – Christina Dalcher

  1. I have Vox towards the top of my TBR (it’s almost in from the library) and I’m excited to see what all the hype was about. I must be really behind though, since she already has another one on the way to publication! Haha


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