House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City #1) – Sarah J Maas

and breathe.


For me the sign of a good book is when you are completely absorbed in it, and have no awareness of whats going on around you. House of Earth and Blood (like all of Sarahs books) is one of these books. I forgot about the drama in this world (Ncov, fighting over toilet roll, personal demons) and just allowed myself to be transported.  I had moments when the hubby tried to talk to me – He learnt quickly to not bother!

As with all of Sarahs books its a good length – 803 pages in the hard copy.  This really gives you time to get involved with the characters and buy into the story.  Plus maps.  I do love a map in a book. yay for maps!

Lets start with Bryce. Not only did I not really like her at the start of the book to tumblr_inline_psa3gl7HZO1t2zl0y_500me Bryce is a boys name and I was mildly confused about geneder. Bryce is a pretty, sassy, half fae party girl ( I kinda pictured her as a mix between Paris Hilton and Lara Croft). Then theres her bestie – Danika, Leader of the wolves and all powerful.  When ( spoiler alert) Bryce decides to go out with a couple of friends for the night she comes home to find Danika and the wolf pack have been massacred.

Two years on Bryce is working for a powerful sorceress but doenst really have a life anymore. Then she is thrown together with Hunt, an angel with a past who is enslaved and working off his debt. They must work together to find out what Danika was involved in and where the mysterious horn has gone.

Hunt is an interesting character that you feel you shouldnt like but really do – I spent so much of the book wanting him and Bryce to become friends, and more.  Along with the family feuds, power struggles and dirty secrets are some amazing characters – I loved Lele and the messenger otter especially.

I was a little scared I wouldnt like the book, it took me a while to get into and I ve seen online others say the same – but I think we all agree.  Once it hooks you that its. Obesssed.  Id get it straight to the top of your reading list. Now! ( the bestseller list seems to suport the popularity – its number one is multiple countries!)

Oh and if thats not enough – becasue the book tour was cancelled theres a brilliant Q&A on youtube thats really fun to watch.


ps – Sarah is not afraid to kill characters and I spent half the book hoping shes already got a novella or two coming to tell us more about some of them.. dont let me down Sarah!



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