Unleashed – Amy McCulloch

Back in september 2018 I got really excited when I opened my Book Box and found a copy of a book called Jinxed. I loved the STEM side to the book that was a lot less common in YA books at the time. I wanted a Baku.  And still do.

Since its been so long my memory was struggling at the start of the story but thats okay, Laceys was too so it kinda felt like we were trying to recall the last books event together. Shes comes to after being in a coma confused and wanting Jinx, forgetting she had set him free to live with the real cats.  (For those of you who cant remember Jinx was a more intellegent baku – he was independant)

Laceys is back with her little beetle, but something just feels off about him. Then on returning to school she finds out that because her baku isnt a high enough level shes also got to leave the prestigious academy and go back to normal school.  Just when she thinks it cant get any worse her mum starts acting strange and her beetle is being a little more pushy.

She decides to update the beetle to be a level 3 baku but even powered down he comes back to life and they find a needle hidden and attached.  and then Jinx reappears with bad news. Updates allow for you to be upgraded not just the bakus.

Lacey and her friends then go on a mission to stop the updates, save her mum and the missing Monica Chan.

I really buy into the emotional bond people have with their bakus. The ease of life thanks to technology and the irony that we just accept updates without really reading the T&Cs. All the way through the book all I could think was that I want a Jinx, actually I want a dog baku wait no I want a cat so then I can pretend its Jinx

Im pretty sure if you read the first book you’ll devour this one just like I did, the characters are likeable, and the story is engrossing.


Hubby Describer

Every now and then I realise that whilst Im reading my hubs is trying to talk to me. ( I know he needs to learn!) On the rare ocasion that I answer sometimes he asks what my books about.  This is how I described the book briefly so I can get back to reading it. 

Pet robots that help you live your life are controlled by a corporatation that sends an update to manage peoples emotions. Lacey and her robocat are trying to stop it. Think the evil hybrid of Apple mixed with Huawei!



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