The Dilemma – B A Paris

I was so suprised when our lovely postie knocked on the door with a big brown envelope for me,  I hadnt yet seen the email from the amazing people at HQ Publishing that I’d scored a stop on the B A paris Blog Tour, earning myself an advance copy of ‘The Dilemma’ in exchange for an honest review.  It was so pretty wth some beautiful yellow rose petals hidden inside.  (they were a nice touch that didnt click until after I d shut the book – thank you HQ!)

So, here we are, new year, new book.   This one is titled The Dilemma, and it certainly lives up to its name.

The front of my copy of the book reads:

A decision that will change everything.

Knowing the truth will destroy her

Keeping it secret will destroy him.

My brain was whirring with possibilities. Murder? Betrayal? Money?  I couldnt wait to dive in.

This is the story of Livia and Adam.  All her life shes been planning her 40th birthday party, Big, bold, lavish and perfect. Just like the wedding party she never had. Adam is less of a party man these days but wants everything to be perfect for his wife. He knows how much it means to her.  He knows shes been keeping something from him, and she can see something isnt right with him. But are they sharing a secret or is everyone hiding different things. IMG_20191122_144715_678

I bonded with these characters instantly, I dont know why as I have little in common with Liv, Adam or any of their friends but I felt like I knew them. I wanted everything to work out well, for (almost) everyone. There were moments that the rational side of my was thinking just do it, but the more emotional side was completely understanding of why the characters did and didnt do thing. I really want to sit and tell you all about it, but I just cant find a way without spoiling the story for you, and thats not what I’m about.  But I think theres some hardhitting issues that should be mentioned,  Miscarriage, Affairs, poor parenting, lack of/poor communication, controlling behvaiours, illness and loneliness. Then add distance into the mix and this is the end product. I think some people will find it hard to like some of the characters becasue of their actions or behaviours, and the lack of focus on them in the main story. Personally I think its makes it more real.  As people we dont like everyone, we dont agree with how they behave, what they do or often understand their reasons for it. Sometimes we forget there is a bigger picture, and on occasion we remember to be the bigger person.

With little clues along the way this is an interesting tale that leaves you wondering if and how it will twist at the end. Will they all live happily ever after, or have the secrets destroyed them?  What amazed me was how much happened in the two days of the book,  whilst we drop back to points in history for some back story and clues they re very much reflections from Adam and Livia in the moment we’re in.  I think a good book can always be identifeid by how engrossed you become in it, and how attached to the characters you are. My heart really did go out to them, and I had tears in my eyes on more than one occasion.

What I found refreshing with the story was its not about being scared of something, or someone. It feels like real life. It was nice not wondering all the way through if someone was going to get brutally ( or fatally) attacked on their way to the shops, or in the spa. Dont get me wrong, I love the three other psychological thrillers written by B A Paris but this was a welcome change.

 This is a tale of the strength between friends and family, blurred lines and how the unknown can be comforting and worse than the known all that the same time.   The only thing I didnt like was the chosen date. June 7th 2019. The date for Livias big party, the day the main bulk of the book is focussed on; And (more importantly) the day I got married this year!! Im definelty glad this book has come out after the date, and that Italy wasnt mentioned in the book!

Warning: This book is engrossing. I opened it in the morning, and had just finished when the hubby came home from work – I then had my own dilemma as to how I could explain I’d spent the whole day curled up with the dogs and this book rather than do any one of the jobs around the house!

The Dilemma is out on the 9th January so preorder your copy now!

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