January reads in review

I ve been a little tardy with my reviews this month. Im sorry.  I had a few tech problems that mean I thought Id lost all of my due university essays and swore off technology as I was convinced I had electronic gremlins!

First off. Does any one else set a Goodreads target? For the first time in years I have had to reduce my aim. I ve gone for 40 books in 2020 – to allow for life to get in the way sometimes! Watch out for my upcoming post about the books already on the TBR list!

Anyway – somehow I ve managed to work my way through six books already and here are my thoughts

  • The End and Other beginnings – Stories from the Future (Veronica Roth)

This book was a short story collection which was great. The only problem I had was that just as I was getting into the story it was over.  I felt like asking for more. Theres some characters in there that feature in Roths other books and overall its a quick read thats easy to pick up and put down between stories.

  • Lady Smoke (Ash Princess #2) (Laura Sebastian)

I fell in love with Theo when I read Ash Princess (I remember fully expecting to be a book box book and Im still suprised it hasnt been). Shes escaped the Kaiser but (sorry I cant help this bit (“I predict)) a riot” is going to happen one way or another. Theo may have the Prinz as her prisoner, but she still has romantic feeling for him. Her aunt is playing for power and the mine madness still has no cure.

The story is easy to follow – Theo pretends to be looking for a suitor, people die, and she finds horrors along the way wanting to fix her slice of the world. Like so many books in this genre the backing theme of love and loyalty are what you need to win a war and rule a kingdom ( Or queendom I guess?) . Her Allies are important. her people are important and it seems that the most suprising of people is the biggest villan of them all. ( book three is already on my TBR list)

  • The night country (the Hazel Wood #2) (Melissa Albert)

The First Hazel Wood book I recall came from a book box. Im just a sucker for reading a full series once I start. Back with Alice Three Times this book in New York rather than the Hinterland but I just couldnt get back into the story. I dont know if I wasnt in the right mood, if it had been too long since the last book or it simply wasnt as good as the first ( although I seem to be in the minority with this opinion as it seems that most people prefer it to the first book) Anyway – Alice and Finch, dark drama, evil fairytale stories blah blah. It was three weeks ago I read it and I cant remember much about it.

  • An Easy Death (Gunnie Rose #1) (Charlaine Harris)

I enjoy a good Charlaine Harris book (Midnight Texas, Sookie Stackhouse), theres so many of hers I havent read (The Aurora Teagarden series is supposed to be really good) but this was an ebay bargain that I brought myself for Christmas!

We’re in what in a future world where boundries have changes, countries and laws ahve changed and peopple live very differently. Lisbeth is a great shot with a gun, and is part of a crew that move people accross a boarder. Then she begins to work for two Russians – on a mission that nearly gets them all killed, repeatedly.  This book wasnt what I expected at all, but it was at the same time.  Its a great mystery with some brilliant suprises and I suspect the start of a ncie ling series of books. I hope!

  • The Queen of Nothing (The Folk of the Air) (Holly Black)

It feels like so long ago that I got the ARC (Dec 2017) for A cruel prince from Netgalley ( whch was also the first book I every received from Fairyloot – the irony!) The problem I have with Holly Black books is they arent written for someone my ages, so I get through them far too quickly making me refuse to ay £12.99 for a book the week of its release.

When I found book 2 (A wicked King) in my local library I snapped it up and read it in less than two days.  Luckily Id waited so long the borrow box wait list for Queen of Nothing was 3 weeks. Easy Having picked it up on Friday evening I was back with Jude and Cardan. He seemingly having tricked her into marriage then banishment.  When her twin syster comes to her for help Jude cant resist and returns hoping Cardan wont recognise her. as if!  She spends some time with her dad before a mini family reunion which could go better before ending up back in the castle ready to wage a war on her treasonous stepfather. Jude and Cardan look for the tricks, the trivia and the twisted words but dont see the puzzle until its too late.

This wraps up the trilogy perfectly for me. It ties up the loose ends – has the potential for a short story or a cross over if needed and I feel satisfied.

  • Three Perfect Liars (Heidi Perks)

This was a netgalley book that isnt due out until 30th April.

Laura has just returned to work following maternity leave. Shes lucky to have a husband whos willing to be a stay at home dad becasue she loves her job. Everyone has always thought shes a little to close to her boss…

Mia was covering Lauras role while shes off, but now the boss has made her permanant and she has Lauras biggest client. Everyone in the office loves her but when she goes home at night the happy picture fades into a story that develops.

Lastly theres Janie, Shes the Bosses wife and a stay at home mum. her story feels like it develops really slowly then suddenly explodes. Shes nto ahppy in her marriage, she regrets giving up her career and has a mini facebook stalking additction along with ehr own personal stalker.

Whe the company office is burnt down the police question everyone, and the book flicks between the questioning and the weeks prior to the fire.  I spent the book wondering who set the fire, if there was intentionally anyone in the building and enjoying the usual office politics.

Theres a faint hint of the disparity between how women are treated in both the office environment and world throughout the book – with behaviours and comments and whilst the office points are obvious the ones Laura encounters and highlights to her husband who dismisses them are key idealisms that shouldnt exist.

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