Nostalgia Read: Malory Towers – Enid Blyton

I had a Wednesday to myself the other week,  so I did what any sensible bookworm does and jumped in the car and headed up to my local preloved book store.  Heyford books has been popping up on my feed alot lately, so I thought it would be a good time to check it out.  I ended up on a farm, my car wasnt too happy with me – there were some sizeable potholes.. and alot of mud but it was worth it.

I got a warm welcome and a cup of tea to enjoy whilst I looked around.  I was suprised about the size of the religion section – it seems a little weird that people would donate so many ( after mentioning this to my partner I now understand the origin of the book shop more and am lees suprised by this), but I headed for the childens section becasue I was feeling a little nostalgic.

I managed to get the full Malory Towers series for the abrgain price of £2.50. ( I also picked up a Roald Dhal dirty tales book, Anna Karenina and  a Paige Toon novel for 50p each).

As a child I loved Enid Blyton books, last year I re read Those Dreadful Children so this year I thought Malory Towers would be a good place to begin. With multiple books it should take at least a few days to get through them.

I was instantly taken back to being young and wishing I too could go to boarding school.  For anyone thats not read the books, Malory Towers is Hogwarts without magic, and lacrosse insread of quiddich. Its a school thats all about learning to be the best that you can be, being with other girls and just being yourself.

I always wanted to be Darrel, shes a stong and independant character who, on occasion learns the hard way that she has flaws and needs to work on them. Alicia is the lightness the book needs, and Sally the dependable BFF.  I still think books like this should be read by the ‘younger generation’, as theres lessons inside for everyone.

What I found interesting was how I viewed the characters now – before I couldnt be bothered with Mary -Lou and Gwendoline was just annoying and I didnt like her, which is how the book leads you to feel. This time around although I was still rooting for -Darrel I found Sally a little bland and was hapier when good things happened to Mary-Lou. Gwendoline I still cant stand!

Im not sure I’ll be rereading the series any time soon again, but I know that BBC have picked it up to make a tv show out of, so I may just tune in.

Im now debating whether to stick with Enid Blyton for my next nostalgia read, and head over to St Clares boarding school,  or whether to pick up one of the horsey books ( Jill or Jinny) that I loved. Or maybe a Babysitters club or Sweet Valley High book…. stay tuned!

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