Traces of Her – Amanda Brittany

Traces of Her Blog Tour Banner (1)Im just going to dive straight in with this review. This was a book I’d requested on Netgalley and had sitting on my TBR pile when I got an email from Harper Collins asking if I wanted to be a part of the blog tour. Obviously I said yes!

For me this book sits firmly in the thriller section. Its got some great twists and turns, it makes you think and more importantly its in Cornwall – where all the best Thriller books are based, in my humble opinion.

The story is about Willow and her mum, except we dont follow their life in the book, its all about Rose – Willows Stepsister. Willow disappears often at short notice, but this time is different. She thinks she knows who killed her mum and shes hunting the killer down; Rose, with her teenage daughter in tow, follows her to Cornwall only to find Willow isnt in the cottage and something isnt right. The pair start to investigate.

The story jumps between now with Rose and the past with Willows mum. understanding who was in her life and making you wonder about their motive for now, This is an easy to read story but you need to pay attention to see if you can work out what really happened that night.

For me I wasnt surprised by the answer and the ones that followed but I didnt expect them either. I really enjoyed the book, and would suggest it to anyone looking for their next read but now looking back Im trying to work out where the clues were to the ending, or if they were there at all.

Theres also a small side story with this; Rose’s daughter being a typical teenager and having her own issues. I feel that because it was a constant topic in the book (sorry Im trying really hard to not need a spoiler alert!) that it should have had more time given to it as for me whilst it was obvious where Willow was being given priority and importance Rose should have dealt with other issues sooner.

Traces of her is out on 25 October

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