The Understudy – by Sophie Hannah; Clare Mackintosh; B A Paris; Holly Brown

okay.  So when I see a book either by Claire Mackintosh or C L Taylor I know Im buying it. I dont need to know what its about. I dont care about the cover. It pretty much guaranteed Im going to love it and then buy the kindle version to be sent straight to my grandma because we have a similar taste in books.  cover173053-medium

When I saw the pair had teamed up with another two writers, who I havent read but have heard great things about I couldnt resist trying my luck with Netgalley for the ARC.

The book is set around stage school ( Orla Flynn Academy for the Performing Arts) and the mums of the daughters that go there. Its the typical housewives set up, a rich one, a perfect mother, the outsider ( in this case the american) and then the other one, you know the one I mean, who you always forget about then realise actually shes really important to the storyline!

The authors all take turns writing their piece (I did have a moment thinking it might be a little Dusk til Dawn like with the story) and you would never know it.  The story flows seamlessly.  I think you get so drawn into the action that you dont notice the author change. It cleverly done at times to be a person change, making it sound like a different character and its brilliant.

Last year Ruby bullied Jess because she was the competition, now the girls all seem to be friends, except now that Imogen is the new girl on the block horrible things are happening again. Is Ruby up to her old tricks? And why did she and her mum Kendall really move from California – the land of Acting to the UK?

The parents dont trust Imogen, but could she really be behind all of the drama going on at Orla Flynn?

I really through I had the storyline figured out. I was convinced I knew what was going on and who was who, I knew there was a small flaw in my thinking, bu figured this is fiction – it’ll be explained. Boy was I wrong. Completely, totally and utterly.  And Im okay with that.

This is a great book by four amazing writers, and I really hope they collaborate again soon!





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