Quantum – Patricia Cornwell

Sometimes I wonder if my Amazon prime subscription is worth it, then they pull out a deal like this!

Patricia Cornwell has a new deal with amazon to publish her books, and the Captain Chase series begins with Quantum. Its officially out in October but as a prime member it was the free book of the month for September. Its also a Kindle in Motion book, which is a great idea – bringing storytelling to life however with a kindle paperwhite the functionality isnt available so I dont know what I missed!

This wasnt the story I expected from when I excitedly read the editors notes. I thought we were off to space, for the story to take place up there. But its doesnt, and Im glad of that. With our feet firmly on the ground we join Callie as she anxiously waits for news to hear whether shes going to be an astronaut. In the interim she working on a top secret project with NASA and is also a cop.

This story is typical of Patricia Cornwell – although Kay Scarpetta isnt involved theres is a coroner, and Captain Chase is well versed in the behaviors and attributes of death.

Theres only so much I can say when its a new series which is obviously here for the long haul. The characters are likable, interesting and despite the main focus being on one character you really want answers and everything to work out.

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