American Royals – Katharine McGee


I requested this book as an ARC from Netgalley because of the description “ Crazy Rich Asians meets Gossip Girl in this completely addictive and gloriously fun modern-day royal fairytale . . . Meet the Washingtons – the most scandalous royal family ever!” I loved Gossip Girl, and having just finsished the first two seasons of Dynasty on Netflix (which kind of feels like a version of American Royalty) I was so ready for a book like this.

Princess Beatrice is next in line to the throne, she’s going to be the first queen of America, and has been training for it all of her life. She’s pretty much perfect. Then the other two siblings, twins Sam and Jeff are more rebellious, because they can be. Sams best friend Nina doesnt tell anyone she knows the princess. It makes life easier that way. Then theres Daphne, Jeffs ex girlfriend. She wants him back.. He broke up with her but shes sure she can salvage the relationship.

This does feel so much like gossip girl. There was so many times I was expecting there to be a Serena or Blair moment, but luckily in situations where I thought It pop up, it never did, And I really like that.

Its hard not to compare to the lives of William and Harry a little. William being the future king with all his responsibility and pressure from the media compared to Harry, the Sparrow, who has been caught acting like a normal person, escaped to the military and frequently is refered to as the one ‘breaking protocol’.

We learn so much about both Beatrice and Sam in this book, along with Daphne, you can get caught up in the politics, and frivolities of their world from all viewpoints. And I must admit I had a moment of panic when I realised I had almost finish the book, because I didnt know there was a second book planned. Thankfully on the last page theres a note telling you book two is comeing in september 2020. I dont want to have to wait that long.

This book is due out 5 Sept 2019.

PS Come on Netflix or Reese pick up the book and make it a glitzy soap! Please!

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