Places in Darkness – Chris Brookmyre

I read this book a while ago – Its the first space Sci-Fi story from Chris Brookmyre, and whilst I love the author I must admit I prefer his stories where people have their feet firmly on Earth.

In a place where three is no crime, life is perfect there is always an opportunity. Alice is the new person in control in town, working with Nikki Fixx an ex LA cop to find out who’s murdering people. In reality its a simple crime thriller, made sci-fi because of the location, but I just think it loses something becasue of this. Nicky is a great character, shes likeable and could easily reappear in other books, Alice is good too, Theres just something that makes it not as good as I have come to expect from Brookmyre.

I enjoyed the book,but I would steer someone away from it, but for me its not a show stopper. For SciFi Id much rather reread Brendon Sandersons Skyward.

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