Sorcery of Thorns – Margaret Rogerson

I almost cancelled this month Fairyloot. The original box got lost by the courier, and then I found out the socks (which were a Jennifer L Armentrout theme, and if you know me were the thing I was most looking forward too) were unavailable for my replacement box. I was given a token refund but I still wondered if I would be better off cancelling altogether. The I saw the cover for Sorcery of Thorns and decided to keep it! In hindsight Id probably have been better off cancelling and just buying the book, but you live and learn.

I did really enjoy the book. Elisabeth is a child of the library. Which kind of sounds like a dream childhood to me! The libraries hold magical books with powers, that if you re not careful will speak to you and cost you dearly.

When the library gets broken into and a monster released Elisabeth is seen as a hero, who quickly learns that she may have put her trust in the wrong people.

I really enjoyed the idea that the power of a book isnt just metaphorical its physical. They have real powers to help, heal and also hurt you. As a leading lady I cant say I disliked Elisabeth, Im just not sure how much I liked her. She was a little too innocent and gullible – which fit her backstory, but suddenly was extremely proficient with a sword. Its not clear if that was more the sword than her, but either way she didnt one train, and her skills werent explained. They just were.

I think this is one of those YA books that sits firmly in the YA section and isnt as appealing to those of us who read YA but in reality should have moved into the next genre up. I enjoyed reading it but I wouldnt recommend it for anyone over the age of 16.

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