Storm and Fury – J L Armentrout

For anyone thats visited my blog before you’ll know I am a massive fan of Ms Armentrout, so warning in advance I knew before I brought the book that I would love it!

And as always I wasnt let down.

This is the first in a new series ‘The Harbringer’following the story of Trinity, shes special and is living in a community with Wardens, how are basically human gargoyle protectors against demons.

On the surface the book is safe, a similar story to other books in her series, but its also brave. Trinity is different, not just because of her dads bloodline but also her moms. She has a rare genetic disorder that means she is slowly losing her sight. Its a small detail in the story that is really important, Showing the characters vulnerability and strength.

In a world where authors are seeming to concentrate on ticking the LBGQT box for their books this is a welcome change. Its a real world disorder that can affect anyone, and I cant even imagine how scary it could be. What I think is brave about this book is the feelings, fears and experiences are potentially what the author herself is going through – Most JLA fans will know that several years ago she was diagnosed with  retinitis pigmentosa, The same disorder. I dont know if the series is a little cathartic for Jennifer but not only is it important to bring things like this to peoples attention I think its amazing that she can be that vulnerable.

The book itself is a typical JLA book, girl, hot guy, a little angst, demons, drama and a everything inbetween. The perfect start to a new series!

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