CTRL S – Andy Briggs

I loved Ready Player One ( even the film) and Warcross. Leaving the world we live in and sudo living in a virtual one.

This is a similar theme. You can spend a limited amount of time daily living in a virtual world – playing games, collecting coins and building an avatar. Then you spend the rest in reality – a world where you work, eat and suffer from headaches caused by time spent in SPACE.

When Theo’s mum disappears and he gets hunted he turns to his friends for help. They switch between the virtual and real worlds looking for clues and answers, and through the search we learn about Theos mum. Her dreams, and skills. What we dont really learn is anything much about the group of friends – I dont feel like we learn that much about them – its all about the action not character development.

CTRL S is due to be published on 28 Nov but you’d be better off rereading Ready Player One..

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