Romanov – Maxine Brands

Im not overly familiar with the royal lines for Russian dynasties. Its not something that really interested me. I had heard of the Romanov name but thats where it ended. From the authors notes at the end of the book its clear that while much of the story is fiction there is some truth running through it also – which makes it even more interesting.

The romance that flickers through the book is endearing, it shows loyalty, trust and just what people will do for and when in love. The risks they will take are astounding. Zash as character isnt based on a true historic record from what I understand but I really wish he was. Hes quirky and unpredictable.

For anyone that knows the history of the final Tsar, Romanovs or general Russian history the storyline will be wildly familiar, but for those that dont I think this book makes it a really interesting story. Its the end of a Dynasty. The kind Tsar who only wanted the best for his family and people, and earned the love and respect of those around him. How the family was united in times of trouble and distress. And the extra piece of magic added by the author makes this a lovely book.

There was always speculation around the death of the family, who did and didnt make it – even years later when remains were found many believed the Romanov children had survived. This book makes you wish the whole family had.

The history books say I died.

They don’t know the half of it.

Anastasia “Nastya” Romanov

When you really think about this book Nastya was a real princess, she had a kingdom to save, family to protect and love to be found. Add the sprinkle of magic and this could sound like your average YA retelling, or a disney film. Its not. There’s something about this book that sets it apart from others, maybe because of the truth that is in there, or maybe because of the setting and harshness of some of the actions; whatever it is really is something that creates an wonderful read.

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