This splintered silence – Kayla Olsen

This was one of my subscription box books. If I’m honest I can’t remember which one because I’m a little behind on my TBR list. It’s amazing how a book slump followed by a book you want to dnf but don’t want to admit defeat can cause a backlog.

Not that I’m complaining.. I just don’t like feeling behind.

So, this splintered silence. It’s a YA fantasy sci if book. Set on a planet, which has been colonised by humans, who sent the best of the best. Only there was a virus and the first generation, aka all the adults, are dead and the kids are in charge.

We have our leader, the daughter of the first generation leader and her group of friends who take on the commanding roles. The ty to understand the virus, stay safe and try to survive. They don’t know when they will get more supplies, water is running low and they are a little out of their depth. Then more people start dying, it looks like the virus is spreading but the test results show something different.

The team need to learn who they can trust, work together and find a way to save everyone.

This book is a nice easy read. There’s no technical knowledge thrown at you, no unusual names or things that make you have to really think about things. It’s just a simple read and enjoy book. That’s what I really needed too. Something that I could pick up/put down when I was tired, deal with being. Interrupted for a minute or to then get right back into it.

The characters in the story grow a little, but not a lot. We see love interest, jealousy, and natural human behaviour take centre stage a lot, with an added dose of teenage Hormones to keep it interesting.

This book is completely readable for anyone wanting a short escape and is out now.

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