Catwoman – Sarah J Maas

This book had been loitering on my tbr pile for a while. I wasn’t interested enough to buy the book, but it’s written by Sarah 🤩 so I knew I had to read it at some point! Finally it became available on BorrowBox, so I thought why not. Let’s be clear I like marvel, I like DC, but as films; I’ve never been interested in the comics or any other medium. I do have a soft spot for cat woman and poison ivy though so this was easy to get on board with.

Catwoman is part of the new DC series designed for YA to get a new generation interested in the stories. I haven’t read the other books yet Leigh Bardugo or Marie Lu but I must admit this story tempted me to.

We learn about what made selina into catwoman, and how she makes friends and enemies. I found myself in tears towards the end of the book, which I think shows how into the story I had gotten. We understand why selina, aka holly does what she does, and in the process we learn a lot about poison ivy. Personally I think Sarah needs to do a novella just on Ivy’s story.. and maybe even a Harley story just as a bonus.

Batman’s sidekick batwing is a prime character in this tale too, which made a change from it being all about Bruce. I can only assume he is introduced in the batman book, but I really don’t think you need to have read it to catch up.

This story is heartfelt, emotional, and has a kickass female lead. It’s perfect for an easy read of characters you thought you knew.

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