Skyward – Brendan Sanderson

I needed something to pull me out of the Post Throne of Glass world ( see my last post) and my Fairyloot box showed up the next day,delivering this beauty by Brendan Sanderson. They must have known!

I ve heard of Sanderson, his Mistborn series is widely recommended – I ve just never gotten round to even reading what it may be about.  Now, I think my Xmas Amazon vouchers will probably go to buying the full series.

Skyward is a Top Hun in Space, Sci Fi fantasy story.  It follows the story of a young Girl whos aspiration is to be a pilot and fight in the war against the krell, Just like her hero –  her dad.  Not everyone feels the same way, and when she finally realises that no matter how good she is her dads legacy will always haunt her, She has a big decision to make.

This story is about personal grit, courage and control.  It’s about fighting for something you want,no matter how difficult it becomes, and also about realising your dreams aren’t everybodies dream.

The promo details for the book hightlight MBot, the talking spaceship as a feature – I expected something the ship from farscape, ( if anyone remembers that obscure cult series) and it was more like a version of Holly from Red Dwarf, providing an almost comical relief from a quiet serious story.

Skyward is the first in a new series, filled withconspiracies, teenages willing to defy authority to make the world a better place, and an alien race that no one knows much about. Its well worth a read.

Skyward is available now – //

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