Tell Me a Secret – Jane Fallon

This is a book of friendship, betrayal and office politics, reminding us that people are often not who they seem.

The main character Holly is given an opportunity of promotion, which she grabs with both hands, shes a little stuck in her ways,and the change will bring some much needed extra money. Her work bestie, Roz has been supportive of Hollys transition to manager too.   Outside of work Holly needs some extra cash to help her daughter out, so she decides to rent out her spare room – can she find the perfect lodger?

Holly is up and down through the book, fighting sabotage,and learning that sometimes people make mistakes and lie.  I really like her attitude towards the problems, she’s a fighter, and finds that there are people that you really can trust and count on, even when you haven’t always been a good friend to them.  I think she shows amazing strength, and courage to do some of the things she does to try and fix things at work and its nice to see a leading lady deal with things without too much vindictive retaliation.

I liked that it demonstrated how easy it is to be drawn in by someone’s sparkle and big personality without questioning the substance. We often make quick judgement about people, and choose not to see the obvious or question the facts, especially when its people you work with. Holly is both a brilliant example of this, and how you can lose out on really good friend if you aren’t careful.

Some parts of the book are a little obvious, but I feel like this is how it needs to be, to show the characters behaviors and to get you thinking and judging them all the way through. I don’t feel like I really sided with any one character in the book, and I think Hollys actions at the end of the book were perfect.I guess it just shows that workplace rivalry doesn’t just stay in the office.

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