Kingdom of Ash – A Throne of Glass novel – Sarah J Maas

For anyone that read my previous post you’ll have seen that I wanted a book I could read with noise surrounding me. Thats because I was getting myself to the big smoke to stand in the queue for the Kingdom of Ash tour. ( thanks to my wonderful fiance for getting me the ticket).

This book is mega. just under 1000 pages and it pulls you straight back in.  If you havent read the other Throne of Glass books, including all of the Novellas, and Tower of Dawn then you really do need to read them before reading this. Not just to understand the plotline and characters, but to feel the emotion and hunger that that characters feel. I mean it, do not skip Tower of Dawn. I don’t understand why so many people are questioning if they should or need to read it. If you love the series why wouldn’t you. It’s not a two chapter filler. It’s a full length story!

My suggestion is to prepare yourself well.  Hot chocolate ( or a comforting drink of choice), tissues and probably some chocolate handy! Its emotional. (See my tear count at the bottom!)  We ve been through so much with these characters, and love them or hate them theres a need to know how it ends.

Now – the Book Tour was supposed to be spoiler free – but there were some comments about Manon and the Thirteen that had me worried, Manon has long been my favorite character in this.  I was a little annoyed too – I hadn’t bought the book in advance because I wanted the signed book and I really dont need two copies, and knowing it was spoiler free I felt comfortable with that.  However what was disappointing was so many people around me were talking about it – things that happen. I get that people are excited, and want to talk to others about it but not at the top of your voice in a room full of people who may not want the story to be spoilt.  I’m glad I had my earphones with me – but it highlights how popular Sarahs books are, and that they should be looking at creating a Sarah-Con!

Back to the book.

Once upon a time, in a land long since burned to ash, there lived a young princess who loved her kingdom…

last time we knew of Aelins whereabouts at the of Empire of Storms she was in that iron coffin, captured by Maeve. We get back to that, and without giving too much away the book is filled with epic love, loss and action. If I could ask Sarah any question I’d ask her what she envisaged the soundtrack to the book being. You would need romantic haunting melody, dramatic drumming fight music, and that tune that seems to carry the sorrow and pain all the way to the end. This us a story of power, alligence, trust honour and a little swagger. There are events you just don’t see coming, unexpected moments of humours, and multiple people staying true to character. And for me that’s the best bit. It feels right, and natural. No one carries out an action that feels like it’s been forced to meet the storyline. I won’t tell you who survives, including my fear for Manon and the thirteen, but I will tell you that during the book event Sarah put a lot of focus on the last line of the book. I waited until the end to read it, and if I’m honest I think it was built up too much.

I loved this book. But I am biased. Aelin has been a friend for the past six years, I feel like I ve been through the ups and downs, I ve learnt things, she’s given me strength through her actions and snark. Plus she helped me realise that everyone has a Rowan out there for them. I think my final tear count came in at 8. Not at events I thought would happen, or make me emotional 😭😭😭😭. (And one when I suddenly realised what an event meant for Abraxos) I’m already adding the ToG companion to my amazon list, and feeling the book hangover kick in. Thank you Sarah, Celaena and Aelin for the journey. Also. I want my own wyvern. (Santa if you’re listening!!)

To whatever end.

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