The Darkest Star – J.L Armentrout

I needed a book that I knew wouldn’t take me long to read, that I could lose myself in with noise around me.  Any book by JLA would obviously be perfect for this task!

I was trying to wait for the book to be on offer before I brought it,  only because I read her books so so quickly that I practically inhale them,  so I was trying to be a little money sensible this close to Christmas.  It didn’t51OxOzq-KbL take me long to break and buy it. Its a Lux story after all!.

The Darkest Star is set in the future, after the Lux series so in theory its a standalone (origin) series, but all the things that happened are important, relevant, and worth knowing.  ( plus when you decide to go back and read the lux series there are so many spoilers)

Our leading lady is Evie,  Taken to a club where the Luxen and regular people can go without fear or prejudice.  She spots a beautiful handsome boy, who Evie presumes is a Luxen and then is pulled from the crowd to meet him. Luc tells her to go away, that she shouldnt be there, but theres something about him.  As the club gets raided Luc protects Evie and she gets out unscathed, and with her mum none the wiser – until Luc show sup on her doorstep.

Evies world starts to change, the things and people she thought she knew are what shes been told. She learns more about her ‘dad’s’ past and about the friends she had. And she learns Luc isnt a Luxen but something more powerful.

For anyone that loves a JLA book this is perfect, we’re back in the world that we’ve been missing since the Lux series finished, and it feels like the natural progression of the books – similar to the Titans series that followed Covenant,  theres still a lot for Evie to learn, adjust to and with the Origins just getting started hopefully it wont be long until the next book is released.

For those of you who want to try before you buy Amazon has the first three chapters for free, or buy the book below.



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