Its always the husband – Michele Campbell

I’ll admit, this book just accidentally managed to fall into the trolley at Tescos when I was doing my weekly shop. it was on the 2 for £7 deal. And who cant resist a bargain like that! ( Tescos know me so well that even when Im trying to avoid the book aisle they catch me by putting an end of row set of books just by the chocolate and snacks. )

This book has been everywhere at the moment; once I had it I thought it needed to be started straight away. Its compelling enough that two days later I’d finished it.  This is the story of the girls known as the Whipple triplets and the men in their lives. 

I instantly like Jenny, who wouldnt like a character who enjoys time in the library. Shes the local girl who’s rooming with the infamous Kate, her dad has so much money that Carlisle University has an area named for them. Then theres Aubrey. Shes lucky to be there – she has no money, no self esteem but with Jenny and Kate as roommates could all of that change? 


The books starts at the almost end.  Someone jumps of the infamous bridge, and we’re not sure who.  Swinging back to the past we find out Kate is a beautiful blonde party girl, who doenst really think about the consequences of her actions, and Griff the heir to a rich family is obsessed with her. Jennys ambition and desire to fix people helps her skirt alot of the trouble that Kate and Aubrey find themselves in whilst still being involved. Aubrey to me is just a mess. Whatever drugs Kate offers she takes – so she can fit in.  

Until one night it all goes horribly wrong.

As we learn of their university escapades the knowledge of the ending makes you question everyone and what their motive could be, either for being on the bridge that night or part of the reason.  As part one ended I was convinced I knew both the person who jumped and the person who caused it. I wont spoil the outcome for you but I will tell you I was 50% right. 

Part two looks in depth at the now; Where everyone is 20 years on, married, mums, and using past relationships to get what they want in life.  Theres a couple of new characters, who help mix it up a little, and have a big impact, but without giving too much away I didnt feel like I knew much about them, just the drama they were caught up in. 

This is a great book – I honestly didnt see the twist, but it worked so well it wasnt a surprise either. 

Go out and buy the book now.


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