Everything is Lies

‘No one is who you think they are

This is another ARC book I wanted to read as the author, and previous book name were familiar to me (The previous book was Dear Amy).

The story is about Sophia getting to the bottom of her mothers death, and understanding all the things in the past that made her the parent she was. Her mother, Nina, is needy and dependant. Sophia just wants to live her own life, not the one the corporate wants, not the one her mother wants; so on a Friday night when her mother rings she’s already over the limit as heading back to a suitors house.

Sophia soon learns this wasn’t the right thing to do, and with her mother gone, her father hospitalised and no one believing that it wasn’t a murder suicide she starts digging.

A letter regarding a book deal prompts Sophia to discover her mothers past life. It’s a whirlwind of sex, drugs, cults and friendship. We see Nina at college, Nina being embarrassed by her parents, Nina getting swept away by a rock star, then Nina questioning herself, her life, trying to understand who she is and what personal strength she has, if any.

Luckily Sophia has people to support her, as well as to hinder her journey. She needs to learn who she can trust, who can help, and more importantly the real truth that’s been hidden all these years.

The book cleverly makes you question everyone at the right time. Some people too early, some not early enough. The twists were fluid enough to not come as a surprise.

There was some interesting truth and wisdom in the cult behaviours, and when Tess made Nina think about the true definition of a cult as you see her relating to the meaning, as a reader you can too.

The book is due out on 22 February

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