To Kill a Kingdom – Alexandra Christo

I wish I hadn’t been wearing my ‘I’m really a mermaid’ tshirt when I started this book.
Opening with the reasons why its better to be a siren,than a mermaid and the downfalls of Mer people I debated changing my top!


I had heard so many good things about this book, including that it would be the featured book in Unicorn Crate & the Enchanted Book Box for March (Note. This is not confirmed – all rumor and suspicion) add in the enticing ‘for fans of Sarah J Maas’ sticker and I was obviously going to give it a try.  As soon as Netgalley and Bonnie Zaffre approved my requested I started reading.

After following the siren princess on a hunt we jump straight onto the boat of a prince, Elias, who is acting more pirate captain than the next King of Midas. Elias and his crew on the Saad hunt sirens, making the world a safer place for the other kingdoms.

Lira is known as the Princes Bane, every year on her birthday she steals the heart of a prince, but after upsetting her mother aka the Sea Queen she is punished by being made human, with the one goal of taking Elias’ heart. She’s lost her power, and understanding what its like to be human while trying to fool the crew of the Saad into thinking she’s an innocent girl.


I enjoyed this story, the love interest angle is discreet but works well as a backstory that you cant miss out, the supporting characters are all likable for their honor, history and valor; Lira and Elias are characters that seems to surprise themselves which makes the twists interesting.

As for the Sea Queen, she’s the only character I could picture easily – in my head I say her as Ursula, and I think I ve learnt that if I ever see a Merman I should swim the other way – fast!

To Kill a Kingdom is out on the 6 March 2018.


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