Lying to You – Amanda Reynolds

Often when I’m reading, and luckily usually towards the end of the book my Fiance asks”what ya reading? whats it about?”  Lying to you made this a tangled web of answers that I think confused and enticed him all at once!

** Spoiler Alert**
I described the booked to him as being having four main narratives, telling us a combination of the then, now and retrospectively.

The narratives are:


Jess Tidy, a mess in high school who may or may not have had inappropriate relations with her teacher/mentor.  Shes left the small town for London to escape it all  but the death of her mother drags her back to where it all went wrong. 

Mark Winter, The teacher, and recently released from prison for his actions with Jess.  His marriage is strained and for a main character he has a surprisingly small narrative which is told via the retrospective diaried events read by his wife. 

Karen Winter, Marks Wife, who has always supported him, and struggled without her medication. Her and her daughter Frey have been impacted by the accusation more than anyone, but Karen has a secret. Shes having an affair with Jess’s brother. 

Jess’ supervisor. Forgive me, she was likely given a name but i have no idea what it was. We hear from her as a supervisor in a counselling role, as transcripts of her sessions with Jess. 

Jess’ brother has a big part in this too although he hasnt earned his place to have a Point of View in the story.  Baby Daddy to Jess’ ex best friend from school, an affair with the woman married to his sisters accused rapist, but all we learn of him is the way the two women in his life see him. 

The ‘now’ in the book spans little more than a week, but the history that has been built around it now becomes the big picture and takes up the bulk of the book. The chapters are short and its easy to flick between characters, with little chance of forgetting who’s voice/opinion your reading. 

Lying to You is our on July 26th. 




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