Crooked Kingdom – Leigh Bardugo

I almost want to take back my review for Six of Crows, almost. 

Honestly, rather than a Duology I would have preferred for Six of Crows to be the Prequel novella.  Its like all of the action was saved for Crooked Kingdom. 


Im still not clear who the main character really is. I feel like it should be Kaz, but the really it feels like the Inej or Nina story.  This book has the will they wont they theme still running. 

I was rooting for Nina and Matthias, but my hope was more that Matthias would be reunited with his wolf dog.  Kaz and Inej was an obvious storyline which made me hope they wouldnt become ‘that’ couple, and as for Wylan and Jesper I really didnt have any interest in their relationship. I didnt like Jesper as a character, his own faults gave him the storyline but they didnt interest me. 

The group take gambles, try to predict the outcomes and plan for it whilst dreaming of the money they can make and how it could be spent.  They attempt the impossible, and try to beat the odds and the house. 

Im glad that I persevered and picked up the second book, I really enjoyed it and made struggling through the first worth it.

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