The Assassins Blade – Sarah J Maas

This is a lovely little collection of five Novellas, which is a prequel to the Throne of Glass series. I ve read the books before but I came by a cheap audio copy of this and as its been a few years I couldn’t resist.


I ve tried not to spoil this for you – but for anyone that read the books it probably doesnt matter…..


The Novellas include

  • The Assassin and the Pirate Lord
    • Celaena and Sam are in Captain Roths Territory on a mission for their boss, but soon learn the real reason there their is to broker a deal as part of the slave trade. Will they go against their boss, or wait to see the bigger picture?
  • The Assassin and the Healer
    • This book sets the story for snippets for Tower of Dawn. Celaena is waiting for passage to the Desert lands when she stays in an Inn which is well below her usual standards. This tells the story of how Yrene came to be the person she is in Tower of Dawn.
  • The Assassin and the Desert
    • Celaena trains with the Silent Assassins, learning their ways and making a friend or two along the way. When she ends up dumped in the middle of the desert she quickly realises how wrong things are about to go.
  • The Assassin and the Underworld
    • Back on home turf Celaena is wondering about Sam,  reeling from her desert adventures and presented with yet another challenge, wrapped up as a gift – can she survive and once again help the slaves
  • The Assassin and the Empire
    • I knew what was going to happen, but I still dont think I was prepared for this.  Celaena wants to be free of her master – but at what cost?

These stories set the scene for how Celaena becomes the Aelin we now know and love. And with where we are now in the series, I cant wait to find out which of the alliances and enemies that shes made from these Novellas play a part in the last book, and how important they are to the outcome.



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